Welcome to the International Release Liner Association (IRLA).

IRLA has its roots in the former European Siliconized Paper Association (ESPA), which was established in 2009. IRLA is a non-profit association representing companies that manufacture and sell Siliconized Paper and Release Liner.

Target of IRLA is bringing together producer of Release Liners from all over the world. The activities focus on industrywide topics and have the objective of improving the image and reputation of Release Liners to all involved stakeholders. We promote the growth, success and sustainability of the Release Liner market.

Release Liner are products for everyday life from renewable and recyclable resources. IRLA members play an indispensable role in the supply chain of their customers by providing Release Liners to companies active in various industrial applications like:

  • Composites
  • Label
  • Medical
  • Tape
  • Hygiene
  • Envelopes
  • Graphic Arts.

As the only international trade association solely dedicated to Release Liner, it is IRLA´s objective to promote the safe use and stewardship of paper based release liners.

Our goal is bringing together members, strategic alliances and other stakeholders to promote solutions that will advance the industry´s sustainability and competitiveness.

IRLA is the recognized voice of Release Liner and Siliconized Paper producing companies. IRLA strives to enable safe, sustainable and environmentally operations, which are internationally competitive.

Major objectives are:

  • Accelerate the potential for member growth and strengthen the members´ business and operations
  • Facilitate the sharing of best practices in enhancing environmental and process safety guidelines
  • Monitor international as well as European environmental, regulatory and legislative issues affecting the Release Liner and the Siliconized Paper industry as such and take action independently or in collaboration with other associations to address critical issues
  • Provide detailed and reliable industry statistics and information on emerging issues for enhanced industry transparency
  • Provide business and policy decision-making support through research, industry data selection, analysis and reports
  • Monitor regulatory and legislative policy of international and European bodies and promote industry communication proactively.

IRLA is known and recognized for its culture of strict adherence to the code of ethics and policies of antitrust compliance.

Our association as the only industry platform for international manufacturers of Release Liners incl. the European Siliconized Paper producers represents a highly valuable forum for its membership to define common positions, exchange skills and knowledge while strictly complying with global and European antitrust legislation.

Strictly neutral facilitator, coordinator and organizer is Dr. Nausch Treuhandbuero. For more details, see Organization.